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Stacey Malstrom

Tell It in Pictures

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With 40% of people responding better to visual information than plain text and photos “liked” twice as frequently as text, editors are hungry for visual content. They’re relying on us more than ever for compelling images. So, when we saw the Oregon Distillers Festival event photos by McMenamins staff photographer Kathleen Nyberg, we immediately packaged the story as a photo slideshow. Read More

Heaven Lampshire

New Faces: Heaven Lampshire

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Although I’m a Colorado native, I’m an Oregonian at heart. I moved to Oregon 17 years ago and don’t plan to leave anytime soon. From the rocky coastal shores to mountain slopes, I enjoy taking advantage of everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer! Read more

Kalli Bean

New Faces: Kalli Bean

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Freshly graduated from the University of Oregon, I am happy to return to my hometown and work with stellar clients like Kettle Brand and Zenger Farm. I love the Pacific Northwest culture, and delicious, sustainable food is such an integral part of it. I also thrive in immersive, fast-paced environments, so Maxwell is the perfect fit for me! Read More

Stacey Malstrom

Tips for BBQ Bliss this 4th from Fancy Food Show

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While there’s not much you can do about Uncle Ray’s not-quite-appropriate-for-the-kids stories or your neighbor’s illegal fireworks, one thing you can control tomorrow is the condiments station at the barbeque. Trends rolling out of the Specialty Food Association's Fancy Food Show in New York earlier this week are telling me that the once-lowly hot dog is upping its game this year. Read More

Sara Stewart

Capitalizing on the Pop Culture Craze

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Astoria, You Goonie! What is it about The Goonies that people still go crazy for almost 30 years later?  Maybe it’s nostalgia or maybe it’s the spirit of adventure and message of staying true to who you are that people identify with most. Either way, the town of Astoria, Ore., where the film was shot in 1985, has been celebrating ever since with Goonies Day festivities on June 7. Read More

Jessica Lyness

5 Apps That Add Style to Your Shots

  |   by Jessica Lyness   |   1 Comment

There’s really no excuse to take a bad picture anymore. Okay, maybe it’s acceptable if you spot a UFO or catch a glimpse of Sir’s Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen having a fight (which would never happen!) because these moments are so rare that any evidence would be worthy. On the other hand, if your brand is sharing photos with the world, you’ve got many tools, filters and apps to perfect your pics. Read More

Ashley Toliver

The Power of Listening

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How do we create value? I was reminded of this question during Zalika Gardner and Jackson Gariety’s talks at TedxPortland this month. Their ideas may seem old-fashioned, but I think they’re just what we need to hear: if we’re going to create valuable content, campaigns and consumer engagement, the first step is not to turn to metrics and data for direction. The first step is to decide to truly listen. Read More