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Niki Inouye

Facebook’s Cleaning Up the Newsfeed

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You might want to double-check your brand’s social content! Last week, Facebook announced a series of “improvements” in an effort to reduce stories frequently indicated by users as spammy. Facebook’s bottom line is to make the Newsfeed enjoyable for all its users and if a brand’s Page is ruining the experience, they will be penalized.

Jessica Lyness

How to Be Brief

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Shorter is better. No, really. Specifically in Tweets, Facebook posts, email subject lines and really most places we communicate with other people online. But ‘shorter’ can be subjective. So, wouldn’t it be great to have hard numbers and guidelines? It exists. Fast Company’s recent article rounds up the charts and graphs needed to remind the loquacious among us to stay succinct. Here are three key takeaways to, er, take away!

Austin Blythe

Expo West: The Happiest Place on Earth

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It was Friday morning in 74 degree weather. Anaheim’s sunny, palm tree lined skies towered above. Standing in a crowd of thousands (67,000 to be exact), I was eager to set out on a weekend adventure. Over the next three days, I would roam through a sea of characters spread across several lands – and no, I was not at Disneyland; I was at Natural Products Expo West, for the first time.

Chelsea Bartel

New Faces: Chelsea Bartel

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While most kids were watching animated superheroes save the day on TV, I was watching Martha Stewart swaddle a salmon in cheesecloth to poach and serve with a lemon dill sauce – a true foodie from the get-go.

Jessica Lyness

Let’s Get Visual

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Sometimes a song just gets in your head and sticks with you. That’s what happens with brand stories, too. Just like Jane Fonda’s “Let’s Get Physical” motivates fitness, getting visual facilitates storytelling. And for brands, that’s everything. Because visuals rule. After all, photos are shared 2x more than text posts on social and videos are shared 12x more than links and text posts combined.

Marta Drevniak

Expo West 2014: Do’s and Don’ts Mini Guide

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I know what you’re thinking – you’ve been to one trade show, you’ve been to them all. Not the case with Natural Products Expo West! It’s the highly anticipated (by me + thousands) annual summit of leaders and newbies in the health, wellness and natural food space that gives us a peek at the latest trends. But don’t think an empty stomach and a tote bag are all you need to prepare for this colossal event. Here are some dos and don’ts to get the most out of your visit.

Niki Inouye

Improved Facebook User Experience Not Helping Brands

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Notice a decrease in the organic reach of your Facebook Page recently? You aren't alone. Announced last month, Facebook has tweaked its News Feed algorithm as an attempt to make user experiences better. Simply put, the change means than fans will only see Pages that they are interacting with most. While a lot of brands on Facebook have seen a decline in organic reach because of this, others haven’t been impacted at all.

Sara Stewart

Wish You Were Here... Travel Brand Storytelling

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There are only so many ways for tourism marketers to describe a destination’s “white sandy beaches” (or insert your area’s top attraction here____) with words. Providing information just isn’t enough. That’s why a “show and tell” content strategy is key to engaging the millions of travelers that are already out there planning their next getaway.